Which vitamin D3 to buy?

Vitamin D3 is known as the vitamin that you only get through sunlight. Vitamin D3 can be a supplement to your daily food during the winter months or when you are indoors a lot. That is why our vitamin D3 has been developed for people who live in the north, spend most days indoors and/or have a darker complexion. To know which vitamin D3 you should buy, depends on your needs. At CureSupport you can vitamin D3 both in liquid form and in capsules.

Buying vitamin D3 drops

Our liposomal vitamin D3 drops are very easy to dose. The content sits in the pipette so that you do not exceed the daily acceptable intake. You mix the drops in a glass of water and subsequently drink this glass of water. You can also ingest the drops directly. For the intake of D3, fat is necessary to achieve an effective result. That is why the use of the combination of D3 and liposomes the best way to increase your D3-level.

Buying vitamin D3 capsules

When you do not like the taste of the liquid supplement, we definitely recommend our vitamin D3 capsules! All our liposomal capsules are made with Aktin Technology. This means that the active ingredient is absorbed in your body even better than the traditional solutions. In addition, our capsules are tested to be the best in biological availability.