Buying vitamins

In many cases it’s not such a crazy idea to buy vitamins. This is because our body by far does not produce all vitamins by itself. Take omega 3 for instance: we can only get it from specific food. Also vitamin D3, better known as the sun vitamin, our body only produces a little of it. An extra push of vitamins can be very helpful especially during darker winter days when the sun is less visible and less strong. By buying extra vitamins and so bringing different supplements into your home, you can prevent deficiencies causing all the subsequent consequences. Did you know that a vitamin D3 deficiency for instance influences the body negatively in many different ways? The greatest characteristics of a D3 deficiency are namely:

fatigue, bone pain, weak muscles with often cramps as a result thereof, feelings of depression

What are supplements with vitamins?

Factually speaking, the meaning of a food supplement is actually very simple. Food supplements are substances that you can take in addition to your daily nutrition. You can do so in several ways such as taking pills, tablets or capsules. There are also different liquid supplements or variants in the form of powder.

Buying supplements with vitamins

By buying supplements with vitamins, you can prevent many negative consequences within a jiffy. The assortment of supplements is filled with various types of products. There is something for everyone. Did you know that there are even special nasal drops so that you can take extra vitamins? At CureSupport we have for instance the CureSupport B12 Methyl 5000 mcg nasal drops with extra vitamin B12. By taking the drops through the nose, the vitamin B12 is absorbed very quickly. This product contributes to decreasing fatigue, the normal function of the nervous system and the normal psychological functions in no time.

Furthermore, we also offer vitamins in the form of oils such as liposomal Omega 3 EPA/DHA. This liposomal omega 3 EPA/DHA is not product fermented from fish but is made from algae oil and helps with the absorption of the essential nutrients. Vitamins are also available in tablet form or single capsules. The choice is literally endless with more than 150 products!

Buying liposomal food supplements

In order to let food supplements do their job properly, it is very important that the body absorbs the purchased vitamins as well as possible. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the supplement still has little influence on the health of a person. For example, special liposomal technology creates supplements in such a way that the body absorbs it in the best way possible.

The attractive element of using liposomes to bring nutrients, supplements and medicines into the body is the fact that they can be easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal canal. This results in higher blood dose levels. Liposomes overcome the barrier that many non-encapsulated products such as traditional tablets or oils are confronted with. This is how the vitamins end up in areas where they optimally utilized. You will never buy vitamins for nothing!