Effect of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 influences the human body and mood at different levels. In addition to battling fatigue, vitamin B12 plays a great role in the strengthening of the mood and resistance and helping with memory and concentration problems. Besides battling fatigue, vitamin B12 also helps with the energy household of the body. Are you wondering how vitamin B12 takes care of all that? We need vitamin B12 for the production of red blood cells. These red blood cells transport the oxygen in our body. As a result, vitamin B12 plays a role in our body at different levels.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Are you curious whether you should buy extra vitamin B12? These are the main characteristics of a vitamin B12 deficiency: fatigue, memory loss, weak leg muscles, tinnitus, tingling in the fingers

Since the body stores a supply of vitamin B12, a vitamin B12 deficiency does not occur often. However, you need to maintain this supply.

The tricky thing about vitamin B12 is that is only found in animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy products. In other words, it is extremely challenging for vegetarians and especially vegans to get enough vitamin B12. That is why general practitioners advise vegans and vegetarians to take food supplements with B12.

Buying nose drops with vitamin B12

You can take vitamin B12 in many different ways. The most unique form is by means of nasal drops! At CureSupport we offer unique patented nasal drops such as the CureSupport B12 Methyl 5000 mcg nasal drops with extra vitamin B12. By taking the drops through the nose, the vitamin B12 is absorbed very quickly. This product contributes to decreasing fatigue, the normal function of the nervous system and the normal psychological functions in no time.