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Symptoms of magnesium deficiency

It happens increasingly more often that people suffer from a magnesium deficiency. In order to supplement your magnesium deficiency, we can recommend our liquid liposomal magnesium supplement. A deficiency can show through a variety of complaints:

Muscles cramps, particularly in the legs

Tingling or numbing feeling

Fatigue and/or sleeplessness

Headache and migraine

Restlessness, difficulty concentrating

Effect of magnesium

The mineral magnesium has an enormous number of health benefits. A number of these health benefits include:

Contributes to the function of the musclesHelps with fatigueContributes to maintaining strong bones and teethGood for the memoryPositive influence on the nervous systemHelps building (body) proteinDose of magnesium

The Nutrition Center advises to take 350 milligrams as a daily recommended quantity of magnesium in adult men. The quantity is 300 milligrams in adult women. The need for magnesium is higher for athletes. It is estimated that the need increases by 10-20%.

Liquid magnesium

You can find the liquid food supplement of magnesium in our assortment at CureSupport. When you have difficulty swallowing tablets, our supplement can offer a solution. In addition, our liquid liposomal magnesium has a higher absorbability in comparison with traditional non-encapsulated supplements. This is because of the application of the liposomal technology. You can take the magnesium directly in a glass of water or juice. The recommended daily dose is mentioned for all our products. We advise not to exceed this dose. It is advisable not to exceed this dose.