What is curcumin?

In short: curcumin is one of the active substances from the curcuma longa plant. This Asian plant belongs to the ginger family and, just like ginger, it has a bitter taste and is yellow in color. They have been very enthusiastic in Asia about curcumin because of its healing effect, but the popularity of it is also on the rise in the west.

Curcumin health benefits

Contrary to other types of curcumin, which are only a high dose of a few molecules, the complete extract of the curcuma long (curcuma plant) has been added in our product. This allows for the biological availability of the curcuma plant to be increased and it reaches an immense quantity of 80 ng/ml curcuminoids in the blood plasma. The absorption of it is primarily based on passive diffusion in the small intestine. Due to CureSupport’s unique encapsulating mixture of this product, the biological availability of the product increases even further. We can demonstrate this in our clinical studies.

Curcumin C3

Our assortment also includes the liquid supplement of curcumin 3 complex. The curcumin 3 complex is a mixture of three different curcuminoids extracted from the curcuma longa. Curcumin is given a lot of properties in the scientific literature. Normal intake with curcumin supplements reaches a maximum of only 80 ng/ml curcuminoids in the blood and, thanks to liposomes, we reach a higher level of curcumin C3.

Taking curcuma

Our body has difficulty absorbing pure curcumin. This is because curcumin is a fat-soluble substance and therefore does not dissolve easily in the gastrointestinal canal. A large portion of the curcumin is thereby degraded and made ineffective in the intestine and in the liver. Consequently, we advise taking curcumin in liposomal form instead of traditional supplements. The recommended daily dose is mentioned for all our products. We advise not to exceed this dose. You can take the curcumin directly with a glass of water or juice.