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In impact sports such as Football (NFL), repetitive concussions can cause severe brain related issues later in the life, which could lead to dementia, loss of executive functions, memory decline, mood changes and etc. Exact mechanisms that lead to these brain related issues are unknown.

In the animal models, compounds that can reduce oxidative stress, regulate inflammatory pathways and reduce mitochondrial dysfunction are proven to be effective in managing these brain related symptoms.

YoungAged has developed Best4Brain, a novel & proprietary formulation to support brain health. Best4Brain has been developed by scientists with 20 plus years of experience in medical research and worked with nutrition & health science companies with the global presence.

The product Best4Brain can support neuronal physiology & metabolism, and are known to help with memory, mood, attention and etc through several mechanisms listed below, leading to better brain health:

• Alleviates Oxidative stress: Activating Nrf2 signaling mechanisms

• Modulates Neuronal pathways: Supporting positive inflammatory response

• Supports Mitochondrial function: Improving mitochondrial biogenesis & cellular energy

•Support gut-brain axis: Helping digestive health and detoxification mechanisms PLUS, providing key minerals and vitamins to support neuronal metabolic pathways.

Science behind Best4Brain Based on the research of the individual ingredients used in Best4Brain, this product will supports brain health including memory, mood, attention, executive functions in people including those who played contact sports in their life. All the ingredients in the formulation are generally recognized a safe (GRAS) by FDA, and the product can be used as a dietary supplement.

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