Aktin Technology is the worldwide patented technology for dry liposome preparation. What used to exist only in the form of a water emulsion now exists in a dry form as well. This technology is designed to offer you more of what you need by improving the most crucial step: absorption.

When a natural preparation is used for nutritional supplements, you want the active ingredient to be absorbed by your body as much as possible to experience its full benefits. This is why we put the active ingredient in liposomes.

How it works?

1. Smarter Packaging

Liposomes are tiny balls made of lipids and water. They are made of the same ingredients as your cells are and can unite with them. When this happens the load of active ingredient is released into the intestinal cells and dispatched to all the cells throughout your body.

2. Smarter Delivery Method

We use a smarter delivery method called targeted delivery. This means we’ve designed the carriers that travel to where they need to. Instead of just generally releasing the active ingredient in the stomach hoping the active ingredient will find its mark. As a result, much more active ingredient can reach the most important area your intestine, where absorption takes place.

What are the benefits?

- Increased absorption of active -ingredients

-No taste issue, like with traditional liposomal formulations

-No aggressive absorption enhancers

-Easy to swallow capsules


-On-the-go products

-Improved stabilityEasy to store